Re: Cyclic reference? (full)

"AliR \(VC++ MVP\)" <AliR@online.nospam>
Wed, 19 Nov 2008 09:24:29 -0600
There are number of different ways to do what you want.
Before I start let me mention that I don't know what type
m_MonitorFileCreation is, but I assume it is CMyDirHandler. (I think you
meant m_DirChangeHandler, but type m_MonitorFileCreation).

You can use forward declaration to define CMyDirHandler in your
CMonitorFileCreation header, but that will force you to change
m_DirChangeHandler to a pointer.

The other method is to create an intermediate class that
CMonitorFileCreation inherits from. That class can declare a pure virtual
method for On_FileCreated, that CMonitorFileCreation actually will define.
That way you won't end up with a circular include.


"Jeova Almeida" <> wrote in message


(please ignore the previous post, I made a mistake and sent it before I
had finished writing it)

I've got an excellent code from by Wes Jones to
notifications when a file is created or modified in a particular folder.

It's based on two main classes:
CDirectoryChangeWatcher - to detect file creation and modification events
CDirectoryChangeHandler - a class that receives notification about file
changes from CDirectoryChangeWatcher, which should be inherited so you can
handle the notifications on your app.

I'm developing a simple app which detects when a specific type of file is
created and create a hash (md5) for it. I created a class called
CMonitorFileCreation which uses both classes from Wes Jones, and has two
member functions:
- CDirectoryChangeWatcher m_DirWatcher;
- CMyDirectoryChangeHandler m_DirChangeHandler;

The watching is started form a method called StartMonitoring() which uses
both member functions above.

The class CMonitorFileCreation is responsible for handling files creation
applying some transformation into it, besides the hash creation, so I want
CMyDirectoryChangeHandler (inherited class) to call a member function from
CMonitorFileCreation (On_FileCreated), where the transformation will take

// MyDirhandler.h - please note it includes MonitorFileCreation.h
#pragma once

#include "MonitorFileCreation.h"
#include "DirectoryChanges.h"

class CMyDirHandler : public CDirectoryChangeHandler
   CMyDirHandler::CMyDirHandler(CMonitorBankSttmFileCreation monitor)
                              : m_MonitorBankSttmFileCreation(monitor)

// MonitorFileCreation.h - please note it includes MyDirHandler.h

#pragma once
//#include "DirectoryChanges.h"
#include "MyDirHandler.h"

class CMonitorFileCreation

   // construtor/destrutor
   virtual ~CMonitorFileCreation(void);

   CDirectoryChangeWatcher m_DirWatcher;
   CMyDirHandler m_DirChangeHandler;

   void StartMonitoring(void);

   void On_FileCreated(CString strFileName);

The above code is not a full version, just enough to state my problem,
some things may be missing.


When I compile the app, I get
error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier

I think it's because there's a cyclic reference.

How can I achieve what I need? That is, from the CMyDirHandler, call a
method from a method of a CMonitorFileCreation object, considering the
dependencies above.

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