Re: "delete" asserts in debug build, multiple inheritance (msvc 7.1)

"Alf P. Steinbach" <>
Mon, 12 May 2008 22:04:50 +0200
* Alex Blekhman:

"Alf P. Steinbach" wrote:

While some few MS products are really extremely good (the Visual
Studio debugger springs to mind, while the rest of that product
is very bad), MS products generally sell for three reasons only:
(1) an established de-facto monopoly, (2) that MS has the
manpower and $$$ to do things that require manpower and $$$, not
ability, like e.g. grammar checking or clip-art, and (3) the
embrace and extinguish tactic, which is a business model, not
technical ability.

You can sell crappy software once, but you cannot sell it over and
over again to millions of people.

Heh heh. I just listed six or seven examples. But, OK, if modern
examples aren't convincing, then start at the start of Microsoft,
Z-soft's (or whatever they were called) "Quick 'n Dirty Operating
System", subsequently reacronymed to "Disk Operating System".

Yes, you can sell crappy software over and over to millions of people,
and yes, you can fool most of the people again and again, forever.

Don't know where these urban myths that people are intelligent, come
from. A former president of our Parliament (Norway), once said, while
he still held that title, that voters -- i.e. people in general --
  are sheep, and he spoke the truth. It's very true, but one never
recognizes that trait in one's own social environment (e.g., I gather
most Norwegians disagree with the sheep label when applied to
themselves, but readily agree with it as applied to Americans, because
from our self-centered view it's so easy to see the failings of the
people Over There). But, anyway, yes you can. And yes, you can. :-)


- Alf

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