Re: "delete" asserts in debug build, multiple inheritance (msvc 7.1)

"Alex Blekhman" <>
Tue, 13 May 2008 15:52:42 +0300
"Alf P. Steinbach" wrote:

Heh heh. I just listed six or seven examples. But, OK, if
modern examples aren't convincing, then start at the start of
Microsoft, Z-soft's (or whatever they were called) "Quick 'n
Dirty Operating System", subsequently reacronymed to "Disk
Operating System".

These examples are typical for developers and advanced users.
99.99% of other users don't use Cliboard viewer let alone ever
heard of it. Moreover, keeping contact info in a file with the
same name as a contact is quite far from "lacking basic quality".

Regarding DOS. It was an adequate OS for its time and got the job
done. Other vendors offered their versions of x86 DOS OS, however
they couldn't beat MS. The same story with the MS Office suit.
There were many vendors with superior products which reigned for
years in the market. However, they lost momentum and couldn't keep
up with changing reality. MS could, that's all.

Yes, you can sell crappy software over and over to millions of
people, and yes, you can fool most of the people again and
again, forever.

Don't know where these urban myths that people are intelligent,
come from.

People are intelligent enough to vote with their dollars (euros,
yens, etc) for products they need. People do mistakes, but all in
all they do right choice. Otherwise the most prevalent form of
modern social organization still would be a feudalism.


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