Re: taking the techchek test for visual C++ 6

"Tom Serface" <>
Fri, 11 Aug 2006 08:31:12 -0700
Thanks. Good luck on the test.


"tungs10" <> wrote in message

For the benefit of anybody who comes to this newsgroup and runs a
search on, here is a list of areas covered by the test
according to an e-mail sent to me by one of their people:

Using Windows DNA Applications Frameworks with Visual C++ evaluates
knowledge of Windows Distributed interNet Applications, including the
fundamentals of three-tiered application design as well as specific
Microsoft technologies used to develop three-tiered applications for the
Windows platform.

Using the Microsoft Developer Studio Environment determines knowledge of
the Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) as it
pertains to Visual C++ 6.0.

Using the Microsoft Foundation Classes Architecture evaluates ability to
use the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) in Windows programming.

Using Thread Management Techniques assesses understanding of thread
management techniques in Windows programming, covering the single-threaded
apartment memory model and the multithreaded apartment memory model.

Using Memory Management Techniques checks knowledge of memory management
and system services, object instantiation as it pertains to memory
allocation, and the proper use of the new and delete operators.

Programming User Interface Applications with Visual C++ assesses ability
to use UI features such as forms, dialog boxes, property sheets, event
handlers, and command messages.

Building User Interface ActiveX Controls evaluates knowledge of user
interface (UI) ActiveX controls.

Building Business Objects with COM measures ability to put Microsoft's
Component Object Model (COM) concepts into practice.

Building Distributed Business Objects with COM+ (DCOM) measures ability to
put Microsoft's Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) concepts and
programming techniques into practice.

Programming Internet Applications with Visual C++ evaluates ability to
program Internet applications with Visual C++ 6.0. The category covers
ISAPI DLLs, WinInet applications, and other Internet programming

Using Microsoft Transaction Services tests knowledge and understanding of
transactions and how Microsoft Transaction Services (MTS) provides an
infrastructure for distributed applications.

Using Microsoft Message Queuing Services checks ability to use MMQS as a
solution for asynchronous communication in a distributed application.

Using Data Access Services covers data access technologies such as ODBC,

Using Exception Handling Techniques assesses knowledge of proper exception
handling techniques in Visual C++ programs.

Using the Integrated Debugger tests ability to debug an application with
the Visual C++ integrated debugger.

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