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Giovanni Dicanio
Re: /MD vs /MT
Scott McPhillips [MVP]
Re: AfxBeginThread Question
David Ching
Re: Animated gif
Igor Tandetnik
Re: ATL bug of CComPtr?
Ulrich Eckhardt
Re: Base class undefined
David Wilkinson
Re: Button error
Igor Tandetnik
Re: C++ COM STA model
Martin Lafferty
c++/cli compiler oddity
Giovanni Dicanio
Re: calling COM
Igor Tandetnik
Re: CComVariant
Mark Salsbery [MVP]
Doug Harrison [MVP]
Re: exportdll DLL
John Carson
Re: floats?
John Carson
Re: graphics.h
Sheng Jiang[MVP]
Re: Init COM interfaces
Giovanni Dicanio
Re: IUnknown
AliR \(VC++ MVP\)
Re: SendInput fail
Ulrich Eckhardt
Re: structures?
Alexander Nickolov
Re: Using legacy DLLs
Daniel =?iso-8859-1?Q?Lidstr=F6m?=
Utility class that disallows dynamic creation
Alexander Grigoriev
Re: vs 8 bug ?
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