Re: graphics.h

"John Carson" <>
Sat, 30 Sep 2006 11:11:24 +1000
<> wrote in message

hi john,
thanks for your help but from some reason i'm little bit lost with the
GDI option.
i see that the fuctions are accually API functions but i dont really
see how can i merge between them and my C project.
can you please give me the starting steps in order for me to merge
between the 2 and to be able to use them(by the way beside giving the
option for MFC i dont see another option)

You haven't given any details about your C project, so I am not well placed
to advise on how to merge them.

At a guess, you have a command line project. These days, almost nobody does
computer graphics that way outside of computer science classes.

If you do want to do it that way, one possibility is to use GLUT with

If you were to abandon the command line approach and go with a GUI
(Graphical User Interface) project, then learning how to do it takes some
time and I can't tell you how to do it within the confines of a newsgroup
post. You will also find it difficult to find Web pages discussing GUI
projects using C only: they usually use C++. Nevertheless, if you Google you
might have some success. If you have a month or two to invest, then you
could get Charles Petzold, Programming Windows, 5th ed. (the complete book
will take longer than a month or two, but you could learn how to do a GUI
program with graphics in that time).

John Carson

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