Re: Seeing VERSIONINFO under Vista?

"Alexander Grigoriev" <>
Thu, 31 May 2007 21:09:48 -0700
It always makes me wonder: why IBM always screws up? Even software they
produce is really horrible. Lotus Notes had its own section in User
Interface Hall Of Shame. Another their product: Clear Quest (of their
Rational division, another acquisition) has really really horrible user
interface, too. Besides of that, it runs 6 or 7 services on the client
machine (which are loaded ALWAYS, even when you're not using their front

"Joseph M. Newcomer" <> wrote in message

See below....
Actually, if it hadn't been for the PC business, their loss would have
been truly massive.
By that time, more than half of IBM's revenue came from PC sales. But
that was 10 years
after the PC project was conceived.

I actually know a fair amount about marketing. My father was a salesman,
VP sales, and
ultimately CEO of a nontrivial company, and you can't help but pick up a
lot listening to
someone like that talk. My brother-in-law is in marketing in water

Note that by the time it became apparent that the PC was a success, the
architecture was
essentially frozen. Look at the notable failures by companies that didn't
understand this
simple lesson.

The MicroChannel bus (a proprietary bus). The Macintosh closed
architecture. The
Itanium. The DEC Rainbow (a PC clonoid that was not PC compatible).

If Apple had understood the market, they would own it. They didn't
understand it, and the
result is they are a minor player these days. (They still manufacture an
MP3 player
without a field-replacable battery, making it impossible for someone who
does long plane
flights to use it. So their market is people with more money than sense).

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