Re: Adding a view to an MDI project

"Alex Blekhman" <xfkt@oohay.moc>
Tue, 11 Jul 2006 11:26:00 +0300
"Ulrich Eckhardt" <> wrote:

As the topic says, I'd like to add another view type to an
existing MDI
project. In general, that's simple, just tell the wizard
to add another MFC
class, derive it from the right view baseclass and
register another

However, and here my requirements are a bit different, I
don't want to
associate the new view with the existing document. In
fact, I also don't
want to create another document, the new view should only
contain logging
output (I'm redirecting std::cout and std::cerr to that
view). Can anyone
give me a hint how/where I should look in order to create
such a view?

I think that creating docless view will incur a great deal
of handwritten code to silence the framework. Much easier
solution is to create kind of output document, whicjh will
use output view. Then you just udate the document and the
rest of Doc/View mechanics works as intended. Also, it will
help you if user wants to save output content to file. Did
you notice that Visual Studio allows to search inside output
pane and save its content as for any other text document.
So, it's just read-only document from user's point of view.

Also, I can't have the popup when I create a new doc that
asks me which
type I want, I still want this to use the existing

It's easy actually. All you need to do is to handle
ID_FILE_NEW command, which is sent on application start up.
Define OnFileNew method in your CWinApp derived class and
replace CWinApp::OnFileNew with your handler in message map.
OnFileNew can be implemented like this:

void CCoolMdiApp::OnFileNew()
    POSITION pos = GetFirstDocTemplatePosition();
    CDocTemplate* pTemplate = GetNextDocTemplate(pos);

    ASSERT(pTemplate != NULL);
    ASSERT_KINDOF(CDocTemplate, pTemplate);

    // Decide here whether use this template
    // or select another one.
    // ...

Also, I'm currently using a CListView derived class in
LVS_REPORT. Otherwise
I always used a simple listbox. Is there something more
lightweight that I
should have used?

I'd use edit box in read-only mode (or rich edit, if you
want fancy coloring). I would be pissed off a lot if I
couldn't save output window content (or copy it into


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