Re: Add new image (bitmaps)

"" <>
Sat, 29 Nov 2008 20:00:46 -0800 (PST)
Hi joseph,

like this:

Create new project "MyTest" by go to:
File -> New -> MFC AppWizard (exe) -> Single Document (uncheck the
"Document/Vuew Architecture support") -> None (no database support)
-> Check "Initial status bar", "3D controls"
-> MFC Standard / As a shared DLL

Then execute the program

I want to fill the background of the program with some bitmap picture
let say I already import bitmap IDB_LOGO

What code should I add into MainFrm.cpp , to load this Image ?
I suppose OnPaint should be good enough.

void CMainFrame::OnPaint()
    CPaintDC dc(this); // device context for painting

    // TODO: Add your message handler code here

    // Do not call CFrameWnd::OnPaint() for painting messages

If this is not right, please tell me in steps how to load the image.
Many thanks to you.


On Nov 30, 3:16 am, Joseph M. Newcomer <> wrote:

Define what you mean by "the frame center". Since you have an SDI app,=

 you would do the

drawing in the OnDraw handler of the view, which would probably overwrite=

 anything done in

the frame, which is underneath the view anyway. Create an OnDraw handl=

er in the view and

move most of this code to it (note that you get a CDC* as the input param=

eter to OnDraw,

and it could be a printer DC or memory DC as well as a CPaintDC*)


On Sat, 29 Nov 2008 08:38:40 -0800 (PST), "" <aloha...@=> wrote:

In CMainFrame, I added WM_PAINT:

in MainFrm.cpp,

void CMainFrame::OnPaint()
   CPaintDC dc(this); // device context for painting

   // TODO: Add your message handler code here
   CBitmap Bmp1;
   CDC MemDC1;

   // Load the bitmap from the resource
   // Create a memory device compatible with the above CPaintDC var=


   // Select the new bitmap
   CBitmap *BmpPrevious = MemDC1.SelectObject(& Bmp1);

   // Copy the bits from the memory DC into the current dc
   dc.BitBlt(20, 10, 436, 364, & MemDC1, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);

   // Restore the old bitmap
   // Do not call CView::OnPaint() for painting messages

but still not working. Please help. Thanks.


On Nov 29, 2:29 am, wrote:


After creating sample application via the App Wizards(exe) -> Single

I imported new bitmaps.
now how can I add new bitmaps image to be place in the frame center
area ?



Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
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