Re: Custom Drawn CDialog redux

"AliR" <AliR@online.nospam>
Fri, 12 May 2006 10:50:08 -0500
See if any of these will help you solve your problem


"Eric Margheim" <NOSPAM******NOSPAM> wrote in message

I am working on a custom drawn dialog (at least the border and caption are

I have it working about 85%. I have the border and caption and title


drawing correctly.

I have the close button drawing correctly while not pushed. I have two

#1 When the close button is clicked the default drawing code takes over.


have code that tracks the button click to draw the depressed state but


being overriden. Spy shows me the LBUTTONDOWN message and nothing else
when it's clicked. If I don't make the call to CDialog::OnLButtonDown it
paints correclty but of course the click event does not occur.

#2 I need to track the mouse movements correctly so that the close button
pops back up if the mouse leaves it. I'd also like to do some hover
shading. I have successfully used TRACKMOUSEEVENT and
OnMouseLeave/OnMouseHover with a CButton class. This doesn't work in the
non-client area of a dialog, however. The leave event seems to fire but
the hover never does. There is no WM_NCMOUSEHOVER, evidentally.

Any thoughts on how to track the mouse movement in the caption bar so I


which buttons the mouse is over at any given time? I've used
OnNcMouseMove. That works to a degree but if you drag the mouse off the
caption bar to the right it doesn't fire so the button never realizes it
needs to pop back up.



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