Re: DHTML_EVENT_ONMOUSEOVER not caught for <TR> and other tags

"David Ching" <>
Fri, 20 Apr 2007 11:56:46 -0700
<> wrote in message

I am trying to catch this event othe TR and TABLE tag. I have verified
that the event is fired in the HTML document by adding OnMouseOver to
the tag and it worked.
Now I want to catch it in my CDHTMLDialog class and...nothing happens :
My exemple is pretty simple :
The HTML file :
<TR id="a">

My C++ file

The event is catched with id placed on button and td tags but not on
tr and table
Could someone give me an explanation please and perhaps a way to
resolve my problem ?

Does the technique I described for your other post trap events for <TR>?

No unlucky for me :( is why i open another topic..if youcan
help me again ;)

It seems it should work. Perhaps it's because the table row is completely
covered with <TD>, so the <TD> gets the mouse overs and not the row it's in.
You know what I'm saying?

Anyway, you could try using


and see if you get any OnTableRowClicked() calls.

-- David

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