Re: Focus issue

David Wilkinson <>
Fri, 12 May 2006 09:24:12 -0400
Ed wrote:

I use the routine below to draw a bargraph in a IDC_PIC window when a button
is clicked.
This routine workse fine but when the user opens another window that
overlaps this one
and then returns focus to this window the part of the bargraph that was
covered is blank.
Please show me how to fix this so when focus is returned to my app it is

bool CEcolorDlg::drawbars1()
  CRect cr;
  CBrush yel(RGB(255,255,213));
  CBrush blu(RGB(114,120,141));
  CBrush blk(RGB(0,0,0));
  int c=15, b=5, d, e=0, a;
  CWnd* pWnd=GetDlgItem(IDC_PIC);


  d = (cr.Width()-20)/numkeys;
  //draw background
  pControlDC->Rectangle(0,0,cr.Width(), cr.Height());
  //draw 50% grid line
  pControlDC->Rectangle(1, (cr.Height()/4), cr.Width()-1,
  pControlDC->Rectangle(1, (cr.Height()/2), cr.Width()-1,
  pControlDC->Rectangle(1, (cr.Height()/2)+(cr.Height()/4), cr.Width()-1,

  for (b=0; b<numkeys; b++)
    a = ((bar[b] * 10) / 10)+1;
    pControlDC->Rectangle (c, cr.Height(), c+3, cr.Height()-a);
  return true;

Thanks in advance


Make a derived picture control class and put the bargraph drawing code
in its OnPaint() handler.

David Wilkinson

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