Re: Create() fails to draw the Control

"Jonathan Wood" <>
Fri, 11 Aug 2006 10:58:11 -0600
How are you subclassing and creating these controls? Did you verify the
creation succeeded? When you changed the control IDs, did you update any
code that needed the IDs? Are any methods on your subclassed controls
getting called?

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

"PSN" <> wrote in message

ya .. sorry for that .. i didnt mention .. i am now using all unique
IDs .. still no sign of refreshing ..

Jonathan Wood wrote:

I didn't quite follow that. You did you get my statement that all
windows need unique IDs? You need to start with that before moving on.

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

"PSN" <> wrote in message

All the static controls use the same IDs ,,,

and actually i only found the reason whats happening ... but not a
solution for it .. now i no longer draw in the OnPaint function ..
Infact i dont even redefine it .. i use another local function which
draws the image and the refreshing of window is maintained in the
OnSize, OnMove and OnWindowPosChanged .. Even though its partly
working, there are problems in refreshing, because of multiple calls to
OnView, or when the window postion changes .. still working on it ..
any help is appreciated !!


Ajay Kalra wrote:

i kind of found out the reason why this happens ..
its because of redefining my OnPaint function for my custom static
control .. when i have no definition, the refreshing works fine and
when i have an onPaint only the invalid part is updated leaving the
rest intact .. i dont know what other functions are responsible for
updating the remaining part of the window ... Only a redefinition
without adding a single line of code, is halting the update of the
client area .. I have absolutely no idea why ..

Can you show your updated OnPaint?


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