Re: LPCTSTR to std::string

"Jacky Luk" <>
Sat, 30 Sep 2006 20:58:10 +0800
doesn't seem to work well in 16-bit characters (foreign characters), the
assignment returns a trash string...

BOOL Cdecom7Doc::OnOpenDocument(LPCTSTR lpszPathName)
 std::string fileName;

 if (!CDocument::OnOpenDocument(lpszPathName))
  return FALSE;

 fileName = lpszPathName; <<<< trash!!!

// SetFileName(lpszPathName);

 m_pFile = new cFile();


 // TODO: Add your specialized creation code here

 return TRUE;

"Abdo Haji-Ali" <ahali@inframez.org_use_com_instead> ???g???l???s?D:uXYOkoI5GHA.2596@TK2MSFTNGP06.phx.gbl...

"Jacky Luk" <> wrote in message

How to cast a LPCTSTR to std::string?

In this case it's not a "cast". It's an "assignment" or "copying"...

Do I just
m_fileName = lpszPathName;

This is the way to do it (it's called assignment)

strcpy (m_fileName, lpszPathName);

If you try this one it would give a compiler error, because you can't
an std:string to char* (only const char*)

there is something more useful?

What do you mean by useful? Easier? Faster? Funnier :)

Abdo Haji-Ali

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