Re: Making this code generic with C++ Standard Lib

"Jack" <>
Wed, 22 Aug 2007 16:02:32 +0800
I managed to cut it down to a few.
Here is the changed code:

 D3DXMATRIX matCombined;
 D3DXMATRIX matOriginal;

  Name = NULL;
  pMeshContainer = NULL;
  pFrameSibling = pFrameFirstChild = NULL;
  D3DXMatrixIdentity (&matCombined);
  D3DXMatrixIdentity (&matOriginal);
  D3DXMatrixIdentity (&TransformationMatrix);

 // delete[] Name; Name = NULL;
 // delete pFrameSibling; pFrameSibling = NULL;
 // delete pFrameFirstChild; pFrameFirstChild = NULL;

 vector<D3DXFRAME_EX>& Find (std::string& FrameName)
  vector<D3DXFRAME_EX> pFrame;
     vector<D3DXFRAME_EX> pFramePtr;

  if (Name && FrameName.c_str() && !
   return this;

  if (pFramePtr == (vector<D3DXFRAME_EX>)pFrameSibling)
   if ((pFrame = pFramePtr.Find(FrameName)))
    return pFrame;

  if (pFramePtr == (vector<D3DXFRAME_EX>)pFrameFirstChild)
   if (pFrame = pFramePtr.Find(FrameName))
    return pFrame;

  return NULL;

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