Re: VS2005 C++ Express basic_istream::get(buf, size, delim) bug

3 Oct 2006 20:55:37 -0400
Hello Terry!
Terry G wrote:

Is this a compiler bug? Does your C++ compiler produce the same results?
#include <iostream>
#include <limits>

int main() {
 static char Line[1024];
 while (std::cin.get(Line, sizeof(Line), '\n')) {
   std::cin.ignore(std::numeric_limits<int>::max(), '\n');
   std::cout << ':' << Line << std::endl;
} // main

It seems that cin.get(char*, size_t, '\n') "fails" on a blank line.

As it should do: if no character is stored, this should set failbit.

g++ has the same behavior if I strip the carriage returns from the line

Why am I not surprised...?

I would have expected it to succeed with gcount() == 0.

Read this should change your expectation.

I guess I've been using getline(cin, str) and unknowingly avoided this.

.... or you have used cin.getline(buffer, sizeof(buffer), '\n') and
unknowingly avoided this.

How do I fix this code, then, without using std::string?

What do you want to achive? ... and why do you want to avoid

Good luck, Denise

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