Re: vsprintf in std

 Ali <>
Mon, 25 Jun 2007 10:04:55 -0000
On Jun 25, 2:36 am, "Jack" <> wrote:

"Ali" <>

On Jun 25, 1:35 am, "Jack" <> wrote:

The entire function looks like

void appendStrTab (strTable *strTab, char *format, ...)
/* Appends the new line (in printf style) to the string table strTab.
{ va_list args;

    va_start (args, format);
    if (strTab->numLines == strTab->allocLines)
        incTableSize (strTab);
    strTab->str[strTab->numLines] = (char *)malloc(lineSize *
    if (strTab->str == NULL)
        fatalError(MALLOC_FAILED, lineSize * sizeof(char));
    vsprintf (strTab->str[strTab->numLines], format, args);
    va_end (args);


You see that most of the statements of this function is unmanaged.
I prefer using std to crt, so I want to alter this program (open-source)
my own style


Maybe this can give you an idea.


Hello ali,
I've read thru the page :) And also at the same time, I went over cstdio,
there is a line "using ::vsprintf"
I wonder what that is... :)
My function uses malloc as the heap allocation method. :)
strTab->str[strTab->numLines] = (char *)malloc(lineSize * sizeof(char));
this buffer expands and shrinks as the program passes a new size to the
function. :)
I'd like to make it automatically managed, so that I don't have to
re-allocate the heap each time
the thing is called. Also, I need to make my function more consistent with
the rest of my program
So I got stuck on this..... :)
Having said that, I think this isn't possible without using char *, I'd
really eager to use std::string.
so that I won't have a piece of this over here and a piece of that over
Hope you understand..... And sorry I have to make you repeat again.....


Having said that, I think this isn't possible without using char *, I'd
really eager to use std::string.

 char* str2char( std::string s ) {

    const char *c = s.c_str();
You get the char*
return c ;

} //

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