Re: How to get address of iterator currently pointer to?

"Giovanni Dicanio" <>
Wed, 8 Aug 2007 17:04:15 +0200
"Jack" <> ha scritto nel messaggio

"Jack" <>

Let's say I have an iterator "it"
std::string::iterator it;
char *__w64 startAddr = &it[0];
char *__w64 endAddr = startAddr + buf.size();
The start and end addresses tell me the start and end of file in memory


  if (it >= endAddr)
           break the loop


the compiler doesn't like it and throws C2678.

I think that you shouldn't compare std::string::iterator's with char*'s. I'm
not an STL guru and maybe the implementation of std::string::iterator is
actually done as char*, but those classes are different things, at least at
the "interface" abstraction level (how the iterator is *implemented*, is a
different thing).

So, you should compare char*'s with char*'s, and iterator's with iterator's.

So, you may write code like so:

  std::string s; // your string...

  std::string::iterator start = s.begin();
  std::string::iterator end = start + <the offset you want>

  // Start from beginning
  std::string::iterator it = start;

  // Compare *iterators*... e.g.:
  while ( it < end )
  { things with *it

     ++it; // go to next character


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