Re: VS hangs frequently ...

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 7 Mar 2007 14:31:47 -0800
To paraphrase Spiderman's uncle maybe "with great compliance comes great
responsibility" :o)


"JD" <> wrote in message

Crash problems may not be the major problems to my associates although we
did have more of them after upgrading from VC++ 6 to VS 2005. But
everybody feels it's a big slower than before. My favorite "edit and go"
feature almost becomes useless. Most times the studio requires me to do a
full rebuild, meaning stopping the debugger and hit F5 to restart. If we
have a chance, we would rather upgrade to VS 2003 instead of 2005.


Scott McPhillips [MVP] wrote:

Joseph M. Newcomer wrote:

I find that attempting to debug multithreaded apps in VS2005 will crash
me, on a bad day,
several times per hour; on a good day, only about once per hour.
Usually when I hit the
single-step key, but often when I hit the go key. It is quite
consistent, although not
100% failure (sometimes it has stayed up for two or three hours;
contrast this to VS6
where I'd keep the same instance running for MONTHS). Sometimes it
crashes when I simply
stop debugging. I'm working with unmanaged MFC code.

I'm surprised because I have not had any such problems. I recently
completed the first project in which I used VS2005 exclusively, every day
for a few months. Unmanaged, MFC, with lots of multithreading for sockets
work. This was on a fairly typical developer setup, using a dual Xeon,
on a network using SourceSafe. (But not connected to the internet, and
not running antivirus software.)

Not one crash of Visual Studio.

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