RE: What is the best IPC mechanic?

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Wed, 10 Jan 2007 01:13:00 -0800

Can I use UDP instead of TCP as IPC?
Because they are in same machine,
I think, there'd be no packet loss and even the orders of packet would be
guaranteed, isn't it?
If it is, then I can trust UCP.
Is there any MS document about that?

No. UDP comes with NO guarantees. Period.
To assume anything else is asking for problems.
IF your packets do not leave the computer, the chances are very good that
you will have no problems, but there is no guarantee.

And, what could be the most fast and effective mechanic as IPC?
As Jeffrey said, if they are in a same machine, then IPC, socket, pipe, and
so on use MMF. Then, maybe the performance of these wouldn't be that much.
Is it true?

It really depends what you want to do, and how much datatransfer and
bandwidth you need.
If you don't have to transfer tens of MBytes per second, TCP should have no
noticable overhead. With performance questions you always have to ask
yourself: does it matter?

Yes you can use MMF, and the theoretical bandwidth is higher, BUT then you
have to create a synchronization mechanism, and implement a producer /
consumer queue on top of that MMF.
Most of the time this is simply not worth it.

Kind regards,
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