Re: where to find socketcore.cpp

"Carl Daniel [VC++ MVP]" <>
Fri, 27 Apr 2007 07:07:47 -0700
Muhammad Azeem Azam wrote:

1) where can i find the file socketcore.cpp in visual studio 2005.

There's no such file included with Visual Studio 2005. Why are you looking
for it? What do you expect it to contain?

2) which is the good book for learning Visaul C++.

Do you already know C++? If not, then there are literally dozens of
excellent books on C++. Start by reading some of the book reviews at

Are you interested in native (aka unmanaged) C++, or managed C++ (aka
C++/CLI)? If the latter, then there are only a couple of books on the
market, and they're all decent, if I recall correctly. A quick search at should turn up some titles.

If you're looking for something specific to Visual C++ (the product, not the
language), then I'd suggest trying one or more of the MS-Press books
("Visual C++ Step by Step", etc). Again, amazon is your friend here. In my
experience, few of these product-specific books are very good, but they can
still help get you "over the hump" in coming up to speed on using the


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