Re: AfxBeginthread exception

"David Ching" <>
Wed, 23 Jan 2008 07:32:14 -0800
<> wrote in message

Hi Folks,

In my application I have two threads one to read the data from the
socket ,another one to send the data to the socket . I have created
the threads using AfxBeginThread

For eg.

      &mStatusSocket, //CEdit Ctrl
      NULL );

Everything works fine when I run my application in debug mode .
But when I try to launch my application using the exe (either debug
build or release build) my application crashes( exception to access
the memory location 0x0000 in Heapalloc function of malloc.cpp) during
the creation of the thread.

What might be the problem which is causing the above exception ?
Please throw some light on this .

Thanks in advance

The worker thread should not access a CEditCtrl created in another thread.
Comment out all access to the edit control in the worker thread and see if
the crash goes away.

The way to update the edit control is for the worker thread to call
PostMessage() to the edit control window (or it's parent window) to update
the text.

-- David

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