Re: SetTimer -> OnTimer driving me crazy

David Wilkinson <>
Sun, 21 May 2006 18:00:53 -0400
Mark D. Reap wrote:


I found numerous examples of SetTimer and OnTimer examples on the web and
they all look similiar to what I have tried here, but my OnTimer function is
never executed.

I created a SDF Application and launched a dialog off of the menu. In the
Dialog I call a SetTimer and then delcared a OnTimer function also a member
of the same dialog object. I never get the TRACE statement in the OnTimer
to fire and a button displays that the global_sent variable is never

Here's where I set the timer in the dialog's OnItit function:

BOOL CMyDialog::OnInitDialog()
 int success;

 global_sent = 0;
 success = SetTimer(3,2000,NULL);

 TRACE("Succes = %d\n", success);

 // TODO: Add extra initialization here

 return TRUE; // return TRUE unless you set the focus to a control
               // EXCEPTION: OCX Property Pages should return FALSE

Here's where I defined the OnTimer function:

void CMyDialog::OnTimer(UINT nIDEVENT)





Thanks for any info.... It seems that it should be so easy...

Mark Reap


When you pass NULL as the third parameter to CWnd::SetTimer(), you must
handle WM_TIMER message. Did you do this? If not, get rid of your
existing OnTimer() declaration and definition, and let the ClassWizard
regenerate them for you with the correct mesage map entry.

David Wilkinson

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