Re: SetTimer ?

"Jonathan Wood" <>
Mon, 10 Jul 2006 20:10:07 -0600
Timers are a limited system resource. For this task, I would definitely kill
the timer whenever the mouse leaves your window. Just start the timer
whenever it enters.

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

"Microsoft" <> wrote in message

In my VC6 MFC app, I establish a timer by using a call to SetTimer(...)
for an elapsed time of 5 second intervals. All working fine in this
manner, but...

I need to reset this timer to start counting at zero if a certain
unrelated event occurs. Can this be done in this rather primitive
arrangement? I'm wondering if I could call KillTimer and immediately call
SetTimer each time I need to reset this timer? Is there a better way?
Essentially, I am recognizing when a mouse cursor enters a window and at
that moment, I need to set the timer to trigger a message 5 seconds later.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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