Re: Creating a unique path separator

"Heinz Ozwirk" <>
Wed, 19 Jul 2006 13:55:49 +0200
<> schrieb

If i have a tree structure, where the names can have ANY character in
them, what would be the best method for finding a 'unique series of
characters' to use as a separator when writing a path to an XML file?

You cannot write a path (or anything else) containing ANY character to an
XML file. At least you have to encode '<' as something like <lt> (or
<lt/>?). So you can easily encode separators as <separator/> or something

Or, if you write to a plain text file, you could prefix each piece of a path
by its length, enclosed in, say, braces. So "First Piece/Second Part/And all
the rest" would become "{12}First Piece{11}Second Part{16}And all the
rest{}". For readabiliy, you can even insert line breaks just ahead of any

Of cause you can also determine the length of the longest part of a path,
say n, and use a string of n+1 instances of any character different from the
first character of the first part. Then first write the separator followed
by the path, its parts separated by the separator string.

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