Re: Download directly to memory

25 Apr 2006 08:20:24 -0700
Hi Igor,
    Thanks for the reply.
template <class T>
class ATL_NO_VTABLE CBindStatusCB :
    public CComObjectRootEx<T::_ThreadModel::ThreadModelNoCS>,
    public IBindStatusCallback


        if((pbindInfo==NULL) || (pbindInfo->cbSize==0) ||
            return E_INVALIDARG;

                        | BINDF_FROMURLMON
                        | BINDF_PULLDATA;

        ULONG cbSize = pbindInfo->cbSize; // remember incoming

        memset(pbindInfo, 0, cbSize);

        pbindInfo->cbSize = cbSize;
        pbindInfo->dwBindVerb = BINDVERB_GET; // set verb

HRESULT _StartAsyncDownload(BSTR bstrURL, IBindHost *spBindHost, BOOL
        HRESULT hr = S_OK;
        IStream *spStream = NULL;

        m_dwTotalRead = 0;
        m_dwAvailableToRead = 0;

        m_dwProgress = 0;
        m_dwProgressMax = 0;

        TRACE4("bstrURL(%S) spBindHost(%x) bRelative(%u)", bstrURL,
spBindHost, bRelative);

        if(spBindHost != NULL)
            hr = CreateAsyncBindCtx(0,


                if(bRelative == TRUE)
                    hr = spBindHost->CreateMoniker(bstrURL,
m_spBindCtx, &m_spMoniker, 0);
                    hr = CreateURLMoniker(NULL, bstrURL, &m_spMoniker);

                    hr = spBindHost->MonikerBindToStorage(m_spMoniker,



                        TRACE1("MonikerBindToStorage failed");
                    TRACE1("CreateURLMoniker failed");
                TRACE1("CreateAsyncBindCtx failed");

// Other methods
   OnDataAvailable(...) { < I receive data here> }
   OnProgress(...) { < I receive progress events here>}


The is another of my classes that I use to download asynchronously,
however, this DOES download to internet cache before giving me data in

I get the spBindHost in the following manner from container:

                CComPtr<IServiceProvider> spServiceProvider;

                hr =
m_spClientSite->QueryInterface(IID_IServiceProvider, (void

                if(spServiceProvider != NULL)
                    hr = spServiceProvider->QueryService(SID_IBindHost,


                    TRACE2("m_spBindHost(%x)", m_spBindHost);
                    TRACE1("spServiceProvider is set to NULL");

Any ideas in what is going wrong with this?

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