QueryHost returns E_FAIL when trying to embed a Windows Media Player Activex Control in a custom application for windows mobile.

"bhushan" <mailtovb@gmail.com>
17 Jul 2006 04:47:06 -0700
Hi ppl,
I am building a simple application that embeds a windows media player
activex control inside my application.my application is running on
windows mobile and i use pocket sdk 2005.

I am not sure if I have to post this in
microsoft.public.windowsce.embedded group or in this group.anyway i am
posting this in both the groups.

In the WndProc function and inside the WM_CREATE message i first do

1.AtlAXWinInit() followed by
2.getting the client rectangle.Next i create a activex window using
CAxWindow::create() method followed by the queryhost function that gets
a reference from the host application.But this queryhost function
returns E_FAIL as a result of which the pointer to the host application
is NULL.I cannot proceed further unless i solve this problem.
 the code snippet is as follows:

CAxWindow m_wndView;
WndProc(//the parameters are here)
CComPtr<IAxWinHostWindow> spHost;
RECT rcClient;




    hr = m_wndView.QueryHost(IID_&spHost);
    //hr sends an error.the error is E_FAIL.

//here i have to create the windows activex control using the guid of
windows media player.all these doesnt make sense here since i cant even
do queryhost.
}//end switch
}//end wndproc.

Clarifications please.

Thanks in advance.

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