Firing an event from a worker thread

"Chris" <>
2 Aug 2006 02:45:59 -0700

I have an ActiveX dll which implements an Event that is fired from a
worker thread. It all works well, however when the application closes
it sometimes hangs. The problem is obvious when there are many events
being fired at the time of closing.

I have traced the problem to the worker thread which is trying to fire
an event when the application is closing.

In the event I have the following lines of code, and the deadlock
occurs after the Lock();

            CComPtr<IUnknown> sp = m_vec.GetAt(nConnectionIndex);
            CComQIPtr< IDispatch, &IID_IDispatch > pDispatch( sp.p );

I have tried to use FinalRelease on the object to stop the event from
being fired, but this appears to be fired after the deadlock.

In the worker thread I have some code like

CApplicationLayer::ThreadProc(LPVOID lpParameter)
    pApplicationLayer = reinterpret_cast< CApplicationLayer*



    while (message_on_stack)


    return 0;

How can I stop my worker thread from sending an event as soon as the
application is closing? Should I be looking for a WM_CLOSE message
before the event is fired?



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