MarkupServices ParseString Blows Up on Frame Set

"Jeffrey Walton" <>
28 Dec 2006 08:21:51 -0800
Hi All,

I catch an unhandled exception if the following html code is passed
into MarkupServices::ParseString(). I've verified my source code with
other HTML documents with no problems (and the NULL terminator is
present in memory). I also ran the page which contains the frameset
through HTML Tidy to verify it's correctness.

Any ideas?


<HTML lang="en">
    <META http-equiv="content-type"
      Frame Enumeration Test
  <FRAMESET rows="*" cols="*,*">
    <FRAME name="leftFrame" src="Left.html">
    <FRAMESET rows="*,*">
      <FRAME name="mainFrame" src="Main.html">
      <FRAME name="bottomFrame" src="Bottom.html">

hr = pDocument->QueryInterface( IID_IMarkupServices,
  reinterpret_cast<PVOID*>( &pMarkupServices ) );
if( FAILED(hr) ) { throw (UINT) __LINE__ - 2; }

hr = pMarkupServices->CreateMarkupPointer( &pBegin );
if( FAILED(hr) ) { throw (UINT) __LINE__ - 1; }

hr = pMarkupServices->CreateMarkupPointer( &pEnd );
if( FAILED(hr) ) { throw (UINT) __LINE__ - 1; }

try {
   hr = pMarkupServices->ParseString(
      static_cast<wchar_t*>( pWideBuffer ), 0,
      &pContainer, pBegin, pEnd );
   catch( ... )
      std::cerr << "Fatal Parser Error" << std::endl;
      throw (UINT) __LINE__ - 7;
   if( FAILED(hr) ) { throw (UINT) __LINE__ - 9; }

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