Fire an event with an Interface pointer

=?Utf-8?B?Sm9obg==?= <>
Wed, 7 Mar 2007 10:08:03 -0800
Is it possible to fire an event with an interface pointer as an argument?

Say for instance I have an ATL object called CObj, this object fires an
event, I want a parameter of this event to be an interface pointer to the
object itself.

in the idl file I have created the following;

dispinterface _IObjEvents
 [id(1), helpstring("method event")] HRESULT Event([in] IObj* pobj);

Then within the object I fire the event in the following manner;

HRESULT CSomeObj::SomeFunc() {
  // ---- or maybe ---- Fire_Event(CComPtr<IObj>(this));
  return S_OK;

When I look at the generated _CP.h file it doesn't seem that the generated
code is correct, it generated the following;

HRESULT Fire_Event( IObj * pobj)
    CComVariant avarParams[1];
    avarParams[0] = pobj;
    CComVariant varResult;


When I run this code using a VB client the program crashes on the event
handler, it states that the object in empty. I know this must be possible,
any help would be greatly appreciated

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