A probem about ActiveX control in IE passing object parameter.

"kenvy" <kenvy@21cn.com>
Mon, 19 Mar 2007 14:29:04 +0800
in a html page, i need using my two activex control. And one activex control
need use another control as param, the html code like this:

<object declare="declare" id="obj1" classid="CLSID:xxx-..."></object>

<object id="obj2" classid="CLSID:yyy-...">
    <param name="bindedobject" value="obj1" valuetype="object">
    <!-- <param name="bindedobject" value="#obj1" valuetype="object"> -->

the two inteface are "dual".
  helpstring("IObject2 Interface"),
interface IMyObject2 {
[propget, id(35), helpstring("binded object"), bindable] HRESULT
bindedobject([out, retval] IDispatch** pVal);
[propput, id(35), helpstring("binded object"), bindable] HRESULT
bindedobject([in] IDispatch* newVal);

PROP_ENTRY("bindedobject", 35, NULL)

HRESULT CMyObject2::put_bindedobject(IDispatch* newVal) {
  //this methos will not been called......... why?

what's problem? The other parameters are all right(such as BSTR, int, etc),
how to pass the object parameter?


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