Why does this execScript code work

"Angus" <nospam@gmail.com>
Fri, 23 Mar 2007 16:24:29 -0000

I have an HTML page like this:

<title>Javascript example</title>
<script language="JavaScript">
function myfunction() {
  document.write("Hello World")

This is my static text
<INPUT NAME="submit" TYPE=Button VALUE="Click Me" onClick="myfunction()">

And IE automation code like this:

// Call a JavaScript function on page
LRESULT CMainDlg::OnScript(WORD wNotifyCode, WORD wID, HWND hWndCtl, BOOL&
 // Enter text in designated form and designated field
 CComPtr<IDispatch> spDispDoc;
 HRESULT hr=m_spBrowser->get_Document(&spDispDoc);
 if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
  // ... and query for an HTML document
  CComQIPtr<IHTMLDocument2> spHTMLDoc = spDispDoc;
  if (spHTMLDoc != NULL)
   //IHTMLWindow2 parentWindow = doc.parentWindow;
   CComPtr<IHTMLWindow2> spWin2;
   if (hr == S_OK && spWin2 != NULL)
    CComBSTR type = L"javascript";
    CComBSTR bstrScript = "myfunction";
    CComVariant vRet;
    hr=spWin2->execScript(bstrScript, type, &vRet);

 return 0;

When the spWin2->execScript function returns, hr is 0 and vRet is VT_EMPTY
(there is no return value from javascript function. But it doesn't seem to
work in that the javascript function doesn't seem to be run. What am I
doing wrong?


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