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Hi all,

  I have some code that I am unable to understand. Can you please

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
  // Initialize COM environment.
        ccLib::CCoInitialize CoInitialize(ccLib::CCoInitialize::eMTAModel);

1. CCoInitialize is a class
    to invoke a object of class you write
    CCoInitialize cc;
2. CoInitialize is static function.
    to invoke static function you write scope resolution "::"


when they have "space" instead of "::" what is that mean? What are
they trying to do?


I think ccLib is a namespace, and that line means to instantiate
class CCoInitialize that is defined in namespace ccLib.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Thanks for your answer. Yes ccLib is a namespace. I still have a
CoInitialize(ccLib::CCoInitialize::eMTAModel); returns HRESLT so this
function should be
HRESULT result = CoInitialize(ccLib::CCoInitialize::eMTAModel);
and ccLib::CCoInitialize cclib; this should be instantiation
what do you mean when you combine both?
ccLib::CCoInitialize CoInitialize(ccLib::CCoInitialize::eMTAModel);
That space (CCoInitialize CoInitialize) I am confuse with.


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