Re: Modifying in place JS code via IHTML* objects.

sasha <>
Wed, 31 Dec 2008 14:14:30 -0800
Patience404 wrote:

Hello, I want to be able to get the scripts from a web page, and then

This doesn't seem to qualify as a C++ question... Any way, here is some
sample code:
// TComInterface is the equivalent of the ATL's ComPtrQi (or whatever
that class is named)
//check for errors...

     TComInterface <IHTMLElementCollection> scripts;
     doc->get_scripts( &scripts );

     long items( 0 );
     scripts->get_length( &items );

     if ( items ) {

         for ( long i = 0; i < items; ++i ) {

             TComInterface <IHTMLElement> elem;
             TVariant idx( i );
             IDispatchPtr disp;
             scripts->item( idx, idx, &disp );
             TComInterface <IHTMLScriptElement> scriptE( disp );

             if ( scriptE ) {
                 CComBSTR text;
                 scriptE->get_text( &text );
                 scriptE->get_src( &text );
                 scriptE->get_type( &text );

        //call scriptE->put_text once you manipulated the text

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