Can't advise office custom button's Click event

"Philip Chan" <>
Tue, 2 Jun 2009 17:23:36 +0800
I wrote the follow class to be used as a parameter of Advise:

class ATL_NO_VTABLE ToolbarButtonClickHandler: public CComObjectRoot,
            public Office::_CommandBarButtonEvents {
    ToolbarClickEventDispatchBase* m_disp;



    virtual ~ToolbarButtonClickHandler(void);

    void Init(ToolbarClickEventDispatchBase* disp);

    STDMETHOD(GetTypeInfoCount)(UINT *pctinfo);
    STDMETHOD(GetTypeInfo)(UINT iTInfo, LCID lcid, ITypeInfo **ppTInfo);
    STDMETHOD(GetIDsOfNames)(REFIID riid, LPOLESTR *rgszNames, UINT cNames,
LCID lcid, DISPID *rgDispId);
    STDMETHOD(Invoke)(DISPID dispIdMember, REFIID riid, LCID lcid, WORD
wFlags, DISPPARAMS *pDispParams, VARIANT *pVarResult, EXCEPINFO *pExcepInfo,
UINT *puArgErr);

    STDMETHOD(OnClick)(LPDISPATCH Ctrl, VARIANT_BOOL * CancelDefault);

Then in _IDTExtensibility2::OnConnection, the connecting code is:

for(int i = 1; i <= count; i++){
    CComPtr<Office::CommandBarControl> item;
    pControls->get_Item(CComVariant(i), &item);
    CComQIPtr<IConnectionPointContainer> pConnContainer(item);
    CComQIPtr<IConnectionPoint> pConn;
    hr = pConn->Advise(m_clickHandler, &m_cookies[i - 1]); //m_clickHandler is
an instance of CComObject<ToolbarButtonClickHandler>

According to the hr, which is returned S_OK, it seems that the connection is
made successfully. But When I click the button, nothing happens. Can anyone
tell me what the problem is?

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