Re: Pass CComPrt to and from function

"Alexander Nickolov" <>
Wed, 13 Sep 2006 18:38:26 -0700
I'd use a const reference for the setter:

void CLRHost::SetCComPtr(const CComPtr<ICorRuntimeHost>& _rntHost)
    rntHost = _rntHost;

Not that the original code is wrong, but it unnecessarily creates
an extra object. This doesn't impact performance here, since
CComPtr is tiny and the extra AddRef/Release calls don't have
performance implications, but beware for other uses...

Alexander Nickolov
Microsoft MVP [VC], MCSD

<> wrote in message

Hi there,
I'm trying to use CComPtr class. What's the right way to pass to and
return from function CComPrt object? Following is the snippet of code
that I have so far. It compiles and seems to do what I need, but I'm
not sure if it's Ok to pass entire class back and forth.

Thanks for your help,

//************ Header file *********
class CLRHost
virtual ~CLRHost();
CComPtr<ICorRuntimeHost> GetCComPtr(void);
CComPtr<ICorRuntimeHost> rntHost;
CComPtr<_AppDomain> spDefAppDomain;
CComPtr<_ObjectHandle> spObjectHandle;
CComPtr<IDispatch> pDisp;

//************* Class implementation (.Cpp file) ***
CComPtr<ICorRuntimeHost> CLRHost::GetCComPtr(void)
return rntHost;

void CLRHost::SetCComPtr(CComPtr<ICorRuntimeHost> _rntHost)
rntHost = _rntHost;

//************** Call to the clrHost object to set/get CComPtr ****
CComPtr<ICorRuntimeHost> host;
host = clrHost.GetCComPtr();

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