Re: CComClassFactory2::CreateLicense *always* gets called. Why?

"Alexander Nickolov" <>
Wed, 26 Dec 2007 10:50:55 -0800
That is the expected behavior. You are supposed to fail the call to
IsLicenseValid in order for licensed instantiation to be attempted.
This checks whether the machine itself is licensed for the control
as opposed to if this particular client is licensed to use the control.
Licensed control instantiation only occurs if the machine is not
licensed for development.

Alexander Nickolov
Microsoft MVP [VC], MCSD

"Paul" <> wrote in message news:rRbbj.4830$_o6.2435@trndny06...

I have a simple ATL control created with Visual C++ 6.0 ATL Wizard. It
works like a charm, however there is one thing that has never worked for
me, and that is the licensing part of the control.

I know that to create licensing, you create a class with the
GetLicenseKey(), IsLicenseValid(), and VerifyLicenseKey() implementations,
and in the main class you place this:

class ATL_NO_VTABLE : Whatever:

Where CMyLicense is that class that contains the three methods I
mentioned. OK, everything compiles, builds, registers the control, fine.
When I test these methods, the method that is called in the bowels of the
ATL code is always CComClassFactory2::CreateInstance(), which then calls
IsLicenseValid(). Of course this is no good for run-time/design-time
licensing code. I've double checked that the control I am using is the
one I created with the IClassFactory2 implemented.

Even me not being a COM or ATL expert, I see clearly that the
CreateInstanceLic( ) should be called. For some reason the
CreateIntanceLic() function *never* gets called, regardless of how I use
the control. Whether I use it in VB on a form, bringing up a web page
with the controle, VB. Net, I can't get the darn CreateInstanceLic( )
function to be called. I've tried this on several computers, just to make
sure I don't have some voodoo setting on my development machine preventing
things to work correctly, but I get the same results -- no call to
CreateInstanceLic( )

I placed breakpoints within the ATL library to verify that the
CreateInstance() function is always called, no matter what. I verified
that the CComClassFactory2 object is being used, but never does it call
the CComClassFactory2::CreateInstanceLic() function -- it always calls the
CComClassFactory2::CreateInstance() function.

I must be doing something wrong that is simple to fix, but I'm at my wits
end here as to what it could be. I've done everything that is documented
to get ATL licensing to work, but ATL isn't cooperating by having the
correct CComClassFactory2 function called when the control is being used.

Is CreateLicenseInc() supposed to be called "automatically", or is there
something that needs to be done to force this to be called for an ATL
control with licensing support? I thought I did everything needed, but I
guess I didn't.

BTW, I've tried again with Visual 2005 -- same results.

Any help would be appreciated.


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