Re: BSTR Array

"Karsten Schulz" <>
Thu, 12 Jun 2008 13:25:11 +0200
Variant Array are the right way to holt different UNICODE Strings.

CComVariant has a Methode to get Back the Content of Variant To BSTR

   BSTR *pstrDest

"SaranG(Saravanan)" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

On Jun 11, 11:22 pm, "SaranG(Saravanan)" <> wrote:

Hi all, I am using ATL Web Services now. And want to return array of
strings, i heard that BSTR array will do this. But i don't know how to
return the BSTR Array. i try with basics, if i returns in the client
it have only one value .( that is 0th index value of BSTR array). The
snap code is below,

        HRESULT ArrayCheck(BSTR *bstrOutput)
                /*BSTR bstrOP[3];
                bstrOP[0] = L"One";
                bstrOP[1] = L"TWO";
                bstrOP[2] = L"Three";
                bstrOutput = bstrOP;*/
                bstrOutput[0] = L"Start";
                bstrOutput[1] = L"Stop";
                bstrOutput[2] = L"Close";
                return S_OK;

but the return bstrOutput has only "Start" value.
Can any one helps me .
 Thanks in advance,

Hi Karsten,
 Thanks for valuable reply, i put the CComVariant as an parameter to
the Web Service function i got the following error

"error C2338: soap_method Atl Attribute Provider : error ATL2217:
Cannot process "CComVariant": SOAP methods that have parameters with
base classes are not supported in this version."

HRESULT TestArray(CComVariant* coVar)
               // functions
return S_OK;

Thanks in advance,

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