Re: Oleaut32.dll needs/doesn't need type library??

"Igor Tandetnik" <>
Fri, 27 Jun 2008 13:19:56 -0400
sawer <> wrote:

If these 2 explanations are for different circumstances, can you
please tell me in what circumstance does oleaut32.dll needs type
library, and in what circumstances doesnt need?
Thanks you...

1-)"The third option is to use the universal marshaller oleaut32.dll.
The ProxyStubClsid32 entries of all interfaces should point to this
universal marshaller, and the TypeLib entries point to the registered
type library. The universal marshaller will find the registered type
library of the invoked interface, read the type information in it,
and create the proxy/stub DLL on the fly."

2-)"In short, oleaut32 knows how to handle all the networking details
of IDispatch (late binding) method invocations. It is the IDispatch
system proxy/stub that replaces the MIDL generated type library
you're used to and allows the IDispatch interface to invoke method
calls over the wire. As far as marshaling the method arguments goes,
even though you have no type library, all possible data types are
pre-defined by COM."
Applying COM+ book

oleaut32 knows how to marshal IDispatch. Since a dispinterface is
nothing more than an IDispatch plus an agreement on what individual
DISPIDs mean in IDispatch::Invoke call, oleaut32 also knows how to
marshal any calls on dispinterfaces (also known as late-bound calls).

If you want oleaut32 to marshal an interface other than IDispatch -
either a dual interface derived from IDispatch or a custom
automation-compatible interface - it needs type library describing this
With best wishes,
    Igor Tandetnik

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