Re: How to Implements pure abstract interface

"Igor Tandetnik" <>
Wed, 15 Apr 2009 07:22:33 -0400
"Barzo" <> wrote in message

On the web I found this article:

Exposing Multiple Interfaces to Scripting Clients

and it seems to be my case, isn't it?

How would I know what your case is?

So, I have to pay particulary attention to implement more than one
interface into a single object?

The article is not about difficulties of implementing more than one
interface - there are no difficulties there. The article is about trying
to expose functionality from multile interfaces to scripting clients.
You see, scripting clients only know how to use IDispatch, and of course
you can only have one IDispatch implementation in your object, hence the
need for all these tricks.

BTW, with my last question I mean that when I create an ATL object
with the wizard, it add the:

coclass ATDevice
 [default] interface IATDevice;

while it doesn't add the "interface IATDevice;" into MyATDevice
coclass (I add it by hand),

What's the relationship between ATDevice and MyATDevice, apart from
superficial similarity of names?

so... since the IATDevice must remain abstract I would know if can I
delete the ATDevice coclass entry!

Well, you need _some_ coclass entry. It defines the CLSID for your
object. Also, in your example you have

Dim CDev As New CMyATDevice

This assumes there's a "coclass CMyATDevice" statement in your IDL. Is
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