Re: Template<void>

"kanze" <>
24 Apr 2006 15:55:42 -0400
Allan W wrote:

In another thread, someone asked about code like this:

class callbackbase {
    virtual void operator()() const { };
    virtual ~callbackbase() = 0;
callbackbase::~callbackbase() { }

template < class T >
class callback : public callbackbase {
    typedef void (T::*Func)();
    callback( T& t, Func func ) : object(&t), f(func) { }
    void operator()() const { (object->*f)(); }
    T* object;
    Func f;

The name "callbackbase" is used for the base class,
just to factor out the non-template parts.

Not at all. The class calbackbase defines an interface ; it is
the type which is passed to whatever executes the callback.

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