Re: Threading classes concept ?

red floyd <no.spam@here.dude>
Mon, 19 Mar 2007 19:48:45 GMT
Lothar Behrens wrote:


I am thinking about using classes to encapsulate threads for my

My requirements are the following:

The thread implementation sould not know what has to be implemented in
thread frunction nor it has to define an abstract method to force
in that. (Then the implementation could not be instantiated)

Why would you want to instantiate the base class?

What's wrong with:

class Thread
        virtual void thread_func() = 0;
        static void start_thread(void* param)
        void start()
           os_specific_thread_starter(&start_thread, this);
        Thread() { }
        virtual ~Thread() { }
        Thread(const Thread&);
        Thread& operator=(const Thread&);

Then you have the following:

class MyThread : public Thread
       int n;
        MyThread(int n_) : Thread(), n(n_) { }
       void thread_func()
          std::cout << "Hello from thread " << n << std::endl;

All you need to do is define thread_func.

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