Re: Compilation problem with templates

mlimber <>
26 Apr 2007 08:32:48 -0700
On Apr 26, 7:23 am, Jerome Durand <> wrote:

I'm trying to write something along the following lines
but I cannot get this to compile.

        template <typename derived> struct Base {
                typedef typename derived::valueType valueType;
                virtual valueType Value() = 0;

        struct CharValue: Base<CharValue>{
                typedef char valueType ;
                valueType Value() {return 'a';}


        struct IntValue: Base<IntValue> {
                typedef int valueType ;
                valueType Value() {return 1234;}

The compiler outputs (first error only):
Error 1: 'valueType' : is not a member of CharValue'

Could someone tell me what is wrong with this?

You're effectively trying to use CharValue and IntValue before they're
defined. Why not simplify it like this:

        template <typename T> struct Base {
                typedef T valueType;
                virtual valueType Value() = 0;

        struct CharValue: Base<char>{
                valueType Value() {return 'a';}


        struct IntValue: Base<int> {
                valueType Value() {return 1234;}

Cheers! --M

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