Re: Performance cost of RTTI vs programmed type system

Alberto Ganesh Barbati <>
Thu, 31 Jul 2008 19:56:11 CST
Sebastian Karlsson ha scritto:

Hi, I'm kind of comparing RTTI vs a programmed type sytem of the type:

enum Type { blah, etc }

class Base
      virtual Type GetType() const = 0;

For this type of system I would have to make a virtual function call,
in this regard I reckon RTTI will perform the same, or perhaps even
better. The problem is that the typeinfo object needs to be
constructed and returned, and it seems way more costly than a simple

I understand one term of the comparison, but not the other. Could you
please post some code (or pseudocode) showing the "other" approach using
RTTI that you are considering? You know, there are many ways to use RTTI
and if you want to get a proper answer it's essential that you are clear
about which is the approach you are talking about. Moreover, it might
also help to know the use case you are facing...


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