Re: Should component know its host?

"Daniel T." <>
Thu, 14 Aug 2008 20:29:43 -0400
Krice <> wrote:

There is a component class inside the host class:

class Host
  Component *c;

In some cases Component needs to call the host and
I guess the only way is that you pass the host for it:

Component::Component(Host *h)

Somehow I think this is bad design, but how to avoid it?

The typical OO solution is to make an abstract base class:

class HostBase {
   virtual void Do_Something() = 0;

class Base : public HostBase {
   void Do_Something();

class Component {
   Component( HostBase* hb ) {

I'm not so sure, though, if this is the best solution in this case... If
the component really is "inside" the host, then maybe the host should
call Do_Something() itself before constructing the component. If the
component is being created outside the host and passed into it, then
maybe the creator of the component should be calling Do_Something() on
the host.

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