Re: C++ boxing

peter koch larsen <>
Sat, 13 Feb 2010 17:21:57 CST
On 12 Feb., 23:43, pfultz2 <> wrote:

Is there a way to box a type in c++ like this:

class Interface
    virtual void foo() = 0;


class A
    void foo();


And then I could box this type like this:
Interface * a = box_cast<Interface*>(new A());

class B : public A, public virtual Interface


Maybe this is called something else in C++, because everytime i google
c++ boxing it refers me to .Net boxing, which is a similiar since a
struct in c# that has an interface isnt polymorphic, so it boxes the
type, essentially creating a new type that inherits that interface. Is
there a way to do something similiar in standard c++?

Why do you need this? For what you have told it looks like you don't
need anything at all.

Interface* i = new A;

is perfectly valid C++ code.


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