Re: STLPort in VC++ - Compile problems

Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Thu, 27 Apr 2006 09:15:46 +0200
PangFromChina wrote:

Platform:window 2000 professional, VC++6.0+SP5

SP6 is out since I think at least a year.

STLport: STLport 5.0.2

Generally, the STLport mailing list would be better for this. However...

While test STLport following "STLport README for Microsoft Visual C++
compilers." of README.msvc(readme.txt), there is a error:NMAKE: fatal
error U1077: 'cl': return code '0x2'stop.

This doesn't tell me anything. Please describe exactly what you did and what
happened. From the top of my head, these steps should be necessary:

1. open command window
2. run vcvars32.bat
3. cd STLport/build/lib
4. configure.bat -c vc6 (or msvc6)
5. nmake -f nmake-vc6.mak

I can build STLport without any error but a warning, after buiding I
test it, a error is appear.

So you do have STLport built? So what kind of test exactly are you running?
One of the regression tests, a simple testprogram?

Whether this problem have a negative effect of using STLport or not???

Impossible to tell without knowing what's going on.

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