Re: C++ Divided by CLI

"Earl Purple" <>
10 May 2006 07:33:25 -0700
P.J. Plauger wrote:

But gcc got 'ligion somewhere along the way (as has Microsoft more

recently). Today, there are three top compilers for C/C++

COMPILER C89 C95 C99 C++

EDG excellent excellent excellent excellent
VC++ excellent very good so so very good
gcc excellent very good so so very good

And there's a significant gap between these and whatever's fourth.

I'd probably agree that the Solaris compilers I work with are way below
VC8. Random nonsense errors come up in perfectly standard code
(including bundles of errors in istream headers you are not using,
which is fixed by including <iostream> anyway).

Of course not helped by whoever did the settings in Roguewave (in an
area of the UNIX system where I don't have write access, of course).

You could say that in the same way that Microsoft want everyone to use
their product (i.e. C# and CLI rather than standard C++), Solaris are
the same (in their case Java).

Now I am not knocking Microsoft: one of the big downsides of C++ is
that there are no standard libraries for many things, and therefore
people will want to write certain portions of their code in C# or CLI
to take advantage of Microsoft's libraries. (GUI, networking, etc).

What I would like to be able to do is to write standard C++ for the
parts I can and non-standard C++ where necessary, and link them
together with the standard C++ having no dependencies on the
non-standard stuff. I would also like any non-standard tool I link C++
with to keep my favourite C++ features. If it is going to generate
code, I would like to see it generate C++-looking code for me, not code
full of macros.

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