Re: inline functions -- advantages?

Rolf Magnus <>
Fri, 09 Jun 2006 15:26:07 +0200
chinu wrote:

hi all,
i did a small experiment to grasp the advantages of declaring a
function as inline.

inline int fun1();
int main(){

        unsigned int start=0,end=0;
         "mov %%eax, %0\n\t":"=m"(start):);
// cout<<"Start value is "<<start<<endl;


        "mov %%eax, %0\n\t":"=m"(end):);

        cout<<"time taken is "<<end-start<<endl;


inline int fun1(){
        int a=1990;
 /* just to consume some time*/

i ran above program with inline declaration of fun1 and without inline
declaration of fun1, both times, total time taken was same...
am i doing something wrong?

The only guaranteed effect of the inline specifier is that a program doesn't
need to obey the one-definition-rule for a function declared as inline.
The compiler is not required to inline the function, or to not inline a
function that wasn't declared inline. It may take the specifier as a hint
to inline the function or just ignore it. Often, it also depends on the
optimization settings as well as the function's content.

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