Re: Preprocessor Push/Pop Idiom, How To?

"kanze" <>
3 Oct 2006 03:35:18 -0400
Robert Kindred wrote:

"Francis Glassborow" <> wrote in message

In article <>, Alf P. Steinbach
<> writes


and all the uses would remain working. I understand the
reasoning here but think that it is misplaced, just leave
the original and the code will work as intended.

What really irritates the h*** out of me is code such as:

enum colour {RED, BLUE, GREEN};

So do you have a standard for enums? I would like to somehow
differentiate them from variables.

Why? What's the difference between:

    enum Color { red, blue, green } ;
    typedef int Color ;
    Color const red = 0 ;
    Color const blue = 1 ;
    Color const green = 2 ;
    typedef int Color ;
    Color red ; // read from configuration file.
    Color blue ; // read from configuration file.
    Color green ; // read from configuration file.

(More than once, I've had the first evolve to the third.)

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